Thousands Have Been Victimized by Church Leaders

Priests and clergy members have made headlines worldwide after the repeated sexual abuse of young boys. Often times, these allegatations claim the Church was negligent to allow these sexual assaults to occur. However, many allege there to be an active cover-up to protect members of the church by covering up these incidents.

Several states have made changes to their sexual assault laws to address the issues of sexual abuse within Churches. These changes include opening a 2-3 year window for victims to come forward and file lawsuits as well as extending the statute of limitations.

Developments in these claims will move rapidly and therefore time is of the essence to file claims.

church abuse lawsuit

church abuse settlement

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Our sexual abuse lawyers can provide you with invaluable assistance by investigating your claim and pursuing compensation for your injuries on your behalf. We will protect your legal rights and your well-being so you can get your life back on track.

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